About Me

Mechanical engineer by background, and product development leader at my day job. At night I invent.


Rapidly build, test, succeed/fail, and learn with products, companies, and sandwiches.

Companies and products


Grow the most food with the least resources

Machine Learning and IoT sensors to guide growers to maximum crop yields with minimal water, fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides.

Smart Irrigation

Intelligent Sprinklers so my Tomatoes can Thrive

Autonomous sprinkler system with each sprinkler able to assess local plant water needs, irrigate appropriately, and report data to the cloud.

Capital One Labs


Led the team that built an interactive credit card. We miniaturized everything inside a fitness tracker to less than 1mm thick and made it flexible and waterproof. The card communicates data, enhances security, and delights customers. And we generated a ton of patents.

C1 Labs

Capital One Labs

API Platform

Led the creation of the original Capital One API platform Developer Experience. I brought in great external tools like GitHub and Stack Exchange, and organized numerous events to lauch the platform.

C1 DevExchange


Simple grid interconnection for renewable energy

ConnectDER invents, designs, and manufactures solar grid interconnection equipment to reduce the cost and complexiy of solar instalation. Whitman Fulton and I invented the original ConnectDER, we hand built the first prototype on his tiny studio apartment table, and I continue to write all patents.

GetYER ConnectDER

Brue Co

Craft Beverage Delivery Platform

Web connected kegerators to bring great cold brew coffee on tap to offices. I built web-connected kegerator scales accurate to 1/4 cup that reported consumption to our brewing partners in real time. Our kegs never went empty, and our brewers loved knowing exactly when and where to bring fresh cold brew.

Hank the Beer Tank

Portable kegerator

Take 5 gallons of beer with you anywhere. I invented Hank along with my friend Sebastian, and developed him into the sweetest way to enjoy craft beer. While we only sold a few, they are all used and loved.

Treater (R.I.P.)

Social Gifting

Treat your friends to drinks, meals, and experiences instantly through social networks. I founded Treater with my wife Kimmie and we grew our concept into a venture funded SoMoLo gifting company. Lots of fun, lots of learning, but not a business success.

Nextility (Formerly Skyline Innovations)

Guaranteed savings through green energy

Be green, save green, without spending any green. I was part of the founding team of Skyline, and developed the core technology concepts that power the guaranteed savings business model. I also designed, manufactured, and installed the real time metering and monitoring systems on all of Skyline's (oops) Nextility's first few dozen solar thermal systems. My design for solar thermal monitoring and measurement is still the best in the industry.

Save yourself! (some money on energy)


Pumpless all-grain home beer brewing system

Designed, developed, manufactured and then found a retailer for an easy and efficient way to make great quality beer at home.

Roll your own beers


Gotta save space for more stuffs!

I have a good 5-6 more projects/companies I need to get up here. Just haven't had time to document 'em well enough yet.

Will link somewhere cool some day soon